We're Makin' Dolls
1330 Walnut St Murphysboro Il, 62966

We hear from so many people who are interested in taking a
Porcelain Doll Making Class,but they have one reservation,
They don't "Believe"they can do it.
" Oh I can't even draw a stick man"
Is the Most common remark.
Even someone with no artistic ability whatsoever
can make a beautiful Porcelain Doll.
We guarantee it!
Classes are Available for everyone.

Class time and instructions are Always free.

The cost of supplies used to make the doll start at $15.00
Doll sizes start around six inches and go to five feet.

Most dolls can be completed in as little as 3- 5 visits.
Clothes, wigs, and stands( if needed) cost from $5.00 and up.
All other necessary supplies are included.

Clothes can be special made to your specifications.
If you can sew we have hundreds of patterns from which
to choose from. You may check them out for your use.
If you can't sew and would like to learn,
we will be happy to help you there as well.

Classes are available days and evenings.
We try our best to accommodate any schedule.

Dolls classes can be used to make  
Look A Likes
of your loved one. Doll  Classes are for any one,
We welcome
Group Tours and Birthday Parties.
Classes can be in either Vinyl or Porcelain.

Give us a call at 618-687-4101 for more information.

At the right  we have two
students applying  the first
application of china paints to
the already fired bisque
pieces. They started out with
raw green ware and two
more applications of paint will
be necessary before the doll
are  assembled .
Did you know that any form of hobby has been proven to lower your level of stress?

According to Contemporary Doll Magazine  "doll making  helped reduce stress and anxiety by 50%"

Plus its a great way to make new friends!
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Nancy is working on her second
doll Tibby by the Doll Art Works
in 2007
Below is Delia The First Doll
Rachel at work on her First
Victoria's First Doll Bailey